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2024 Legislative Priorities

Jax NOW has adopted legislative priorities in eight key areas to guide its advocacy efforts during the 2024 session. These priorities reflect our commitment to reproductive rights, education,  social and human justice, inclusion and economic equality. Jax NOW was actively involved in the We the People coalition, which came together to propose more than 100 research-based strategies for presentation to the Duval Legislative Delegation.   

Watch for alerts on ways you can get involved in our advocacy efforts!

Democracy & Voting Rights
  • Restore voting rights to returning citizens without fees

  • Provide accurate information to returning citizens regarding their voter status

  • Implement a Voters Bill of Rights

    • expansion of voter registration

    • provide voting precincts in areas where transportation is limited and on college campuses

    • make VBM status permanent 

    • eliminate the Election Security Office

  • Implement automatic voter registration with the issuance of driver's license

Gun Violence/Domestic Violence
  • Ban assault weapons

  • Restore required background checks and firearm training for all gun purchases

  • Require that gun owners receive training regarding safety, including storage for firearms, including ammunition be stored separately from firearms

  • Maintain the waiting period to purchase firearms

  • Pass legislation removing rights to own a fire arm from domestic violence perpetrators

  • Pass legislation allowing those who are pregnant and incarcerated to serve their sentences after delivery

  • Eliminate the statute of limitations in sexual assault

  • Ban the use of electronic devices to track people without their consent;

  • Expand access to Social Security spousal benefits for individuals who divorce due to domestic abuse;

  • Train healthcare providers to better identify and treat individuals who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, or dating violence; and

  • Allow individuals who are experiencing dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault to break their lease without adverse costs      

  • Expand Medicaid

  • Eliminate abortion restrictions

  • Remove barriers to disability services for adults and children, end the wait list

  • Address infant and maternal mortality rates with increased funding,  services and oversight

  • Increase services for mental illness and substance abuse

  • Protect healthcare providers who serve LGBTQ+ patients and those who provide reproductive health care

  • Address healthcare disparities

  • Eliminate the universal voucher program

  • Fully fund high quality, full day VPK programs

  • Protect students’ right to learn, eliminate book bans and restrictive curriculum

  • Require age appropriate instruction on human health and sexuality from K to 12 including LGBTQI+ topics, contraception and abortion information

  • Insure support for LGBTQI+ students

  • Teach accurate African American History

  • Fully fund public schools, including salary increases for teachers

DEI-Racial Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Repeal Stop Woke legislation 

  •  Support removal of confederate monuments

  • Protect local officials who remove monuments from punitive actions 

  •  Support DEI Programs in private and public arenas

LGBTQI+ Rights
  • Support a statewide nondiscrimination law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all areas including employment, housing, public accommodations, health services child custody, and military policies

  • Ensure civil rights protection for all members of the LGBTQI+ community       

  • Support  marriage equality       

  • Add explicit protections for hate crimes based on gender identity and expression

  • Improve HIV prevention and treatment 

  • Create a culture of inclusion in schools by countering bullying, harassment social isolation, and bigotry with statewide policies                                          

Constitutional Equality
  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Economic Equality
  • Pass Equal Pay legislation

Healthcare Access & Affordability
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