2022 legislative session.png

The 2022 Florida
Legislative Session
Begins January 12th.
Jax NOW helps
decipher the blah-blah.

The Jacksonville Area NOW chapter is comprised of over 100 local members. Our Jax chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in 1970. We have been an active presence promoting women’s rights in the Jacksonville community for over fifty years. Our legislative priorities reflect the work NOW continues to do to improve the lives of Floridians.

Thanks to Jax NOW Legislative Chair Judy Sheklin for taking the time to compile this important overview.



SUPPORT SCR 1242 Gibson: Equal Rights Men and Women



SUPPORT SB 322 Stewart HB 293 Thompson: Discrimination in Labor and Employment

SUPPORT SB 688 Cruz HB 627 Nixon & Davis: Employment Practices for Family and Medical Leave

OPPOSE SB 620 Hutson HB 569 McClure: Local Ordinances - Allows for damages for local ordinances impact by businesses

OPPOSE SB 1124 Gruters HB 943 Harding: Preemption of Local Government Wage Mandates - Denies municipalities implementing higher minimum wages than the state



SUPPORT SB 628 Book HB 6023 Eskamani: Abortion Clinic Regulations - Removes limits to access for abortion

SUPPORT SB 1036 Berman HB 709 Diamond: Reproductive Health Care Rights - Codifies abortion as protected

SUPPORT SB 1074 Pizzo HB 813 Robinson: HIV Prevention Justice Act

SUPPORT SB 630 Jones HB 363 Hart: Pregnant Women in Custody-Services for incarcerated pregnant women

SUPPORT SJR 412 Taddeo, Berman: HB 239 Robinson: State Medicaid Plan - Expands coverage

SUPPORT SB 1052 Berman: HB 917 Thompson: Insurance Coverage for Breast Cancer Procedures

SUPPORT HB 373 Hinson: The Health Care Transparency Act - Requires disclosure of available services by providers

OPPOSE HB 167 Barnaby: Abortion - Six Week Abortion Ban-Includes a private civil cause for damages

OPPOSE SB 594 Perry HB 75 Sabatini: Discrimination on Basis of Covid 19 Status - Opposes safety protocols LGBTQIA+ RIGHTS

SUPPORT SB 212 Farmer HB 6065 Arrington: Fairness in Sports: Reverses trans sports ban

SUPPORT SB 462 Torres SB 168, HB 6015 Rayner: Marriage Equality: Repeals state ban on same sex marriage

SUPPORT SB 308 Berman HB 111 Geller: Offenses Evidencing Prejudice - Expands to include gender identity

SUPPORT SB 456 Farmer HB 249 Arrington: Driver’s License & Identification Card- Allows a non-binary marker

SUPPORT SB 374 Book HB 205 Smith: Transgender Panic and Legal Defense - Removes defense of murder or injury based on fear that someone is gay

OPPOSE HB 211 Sabatini: Youth Gender and Sexual Identity-Criminalizes trans affirming youth health care

OPPOSE SB 280 Hutson HB 403: Giallombardo: Local Ordinances - Implements preemption of local laws by state



SUPPORT SB 404 Rouson: Office of Minority Health and Health Equity

SUPPORT SB 388 Berman HB 221 Davis: Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SUPPORT SB 250 Book: Removing Memorializations of the Confederate States of America

SUPPORT SB 1164 Brady HB 367 McCurdy: Juneteenth Day - Designates Juneteenth a paid holiday for government employees

OPPOSE SB 242 Gruters HB 57 Borrero: Racial And Sexual Discrimination - Prohibits mandatory training



SUPPORT SB 372 Berman HB 83 Eskamani: Domestic Violence: Prohibits possessing firearms if convicted of DV

SUPPORT SB 402 Polsky HB 19 Gottlieb: Firearm Restriction Pursuant to Court Findings or Risk Protection Order

SUPPORT SB 654 Gibson HB 905 Fetterhoff: Protective Injunctions - Provides a timeline for submission

SUPPORT SB 1106 Berman HB 781 Greico: Domestic Violence and Parental Responsibility Determination

SUPPORT SB 662 Cruz HB 803 Gottlieb: Lewd Adult Battery - Creates offense related to sexual misconduct

SUPPORT SB 1244 Gibson HB 913 Davis: State of Limitations for Sexual Offenses - Eliminates in certain cases

SUPPORT SB 1180 Bracy HB 759 Davis: Certified Domestic Violence Service Provider - Expands providers

SUPPORT SB 868 Stewart HB 525 Slossberg-King: Sexual Battery on A Mentally Incapacitated Person

SUPPORT SB 1218 Bracy: Batterer’s Intervention Programs: DCF to monitor quality and safety

SUPPORT SB 1288 Rodriguez: Civil Action By Victim of Human Trafficking

SUPPORT SB 692 Stewart HB 341 Harrell: Sexual Offense Definitions Provides broader protections for child sex abuse victims



SUPPORT SB 334 Polsky HB 181 Daley: Sale or Transfer of of Ammunition - Expands background checks

SUPPORT SB 214 Farmer HB 199 Smith, Arrington: Assault Weapons & Large Capacity Magazines - Prohibits sales and transfer of military style weapons

SUPPORT SB 1166 Polsky HB 347 Rayner: Sale, Transfer or Storage of Firearms - Provides criminal penalties for negligence if a minor gains access to a weapon

SUPPORT SB 496 Taddeo HB 6049 Daley: Preemption of Firearms and Ammunition - repeals restrictions on local firearm ordinances, supports home rule

OPPOSE HB 103 Sabatini: Carrying of Firearms w/o a License - Allows possession of firearms w/o a license



SUPPORT SB 1176 Bracy: Citizen Review Boards - Requires counties to establish CRBs to review police actions

SUPPORT SJR 392 Powell HJR 39 Hart: Slavery and Involuntary Servitude - Prohibits both

SUPPORT SB 888 Jones HB 73 Raynor: Self-Defense Restoration Act - Reverses Stand Your Ground provisions

SUPPORT SB 342 Perry HB 195 Smith: Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction- expunges minors record for all offenses upon successful completion of a diversion program

SUPPORT SB 1172 Chevron HB 857 Nixon: Criminal Justice - Reverses HB 1 Protest Ban



SUPPORT SB 248 Polsky HB 175 Grieco: Learning with Dignity Act, Menstrual Hygiene Products in Schools

SUPPORT SB 532 Stewart HB 429 Goff-Marcil: Private School Regulations - Increases oversight and requirements

SUPPORT HB 51 Thompson: Required Instruction in History of Holocaust and African Americans

OPPOSE SJR 244 Gruters HJR 35 Roach: Partisan Elections for Members of School Boards

OPPOSE SB 1120 Rodriguez HB 893 Melo: Residential Treatment Programs - Allows DCF to place children in residential programs without court approval

OPPOSE SB 506 Diaz: Hope Scholarship- Expands vouchers paid to students in schools punished for having mask mandates

OPPOSE SB 622 Diaz HB 609 Borrero (CS/SB 758 Diaz & HB 865 Rizzo): Florida Institute for Charter School Innovation & Charter Schools - Moves funds to Charter schools without assurance of assets remaining in public schools if Charter dissolves



SUPPORT SB 694 Cruz: Vote By Mail Ballots - Requires SOE provide postage

SUPPORT SB 368 Berman: Voter Registration - Revises date for voter registration

SUPPORT HB 69 Geller: Election of the President by National Popular Vote

OPPOSE SJR 950 Rodriguez HJR 177 Roth: Percentage of Votes Required to Approve Constitutional Amendment or Revision: Increases the amount of votes required for approval



SUPPORT SB 530 Taddeo HB 6053 Geller: Public Disclosure of Reapportionment Records - Requires deletion of exemptions of Public information for reapportionment