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FL Legislative Roundup

Session Week 6: 4/5-9/2021

TALLAHASSEE, FL - This week in the Florida Legislature:

1) the DeSantis Anti-Protest Bill (HB1) passes its only Senate Committee and is on its way to the Senate Floor (it has already passed the House);

2) Anti-trans youth athlete bill (HB1475/SB2012) passes its final House Committee and is headed to the House Floor;

3) gutting of the state retirement system passes the House (SB84);

4) Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust sweep moves through the House and passes cutting affordable housing dollars in half;

5) Senate Rules Committee is packed with bad bills next Tuesday April 14th, and is set to hear many bills on their last committee stop including: a) the anti-trans bill (SB2012), b) the mail-in-ballot voter suppression bill (SB 90), c) the union busting bill (SB78), d) the guns in religious institutions bill (HB259), and e) the so-called "moments of silence" prayer in public schools bill (HB529);

6) the American Legislative Exchange Council attack on public education is succeeding as the limiting of Bright Futures passes in the Senate ( SB86/HB281);

7) the anti-abortion bill (SB1664/HB1221) passed its last House committee and is on the second reading calendar in the House;

8) campaign financing bill that will likely limit contributions to radical grassroots organizations is on the special order calendar on the House Floor on 4/13/2021 and on the Senate Floor on 4/14/2021; and finally,

9) the "Drones" bill that gives law enforcement the right to use drones without a warrant is getting fast tracked despite its unconstitutional challenge to the right to privacy. It passed in the Senate and is in messaging to the House. This bill would further enhance HB1 by allowing drone surveillance to be used as evidence in surveillance of a peaceful protest.

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