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Why so much hate?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

On November 19, 2022, an assailant killed 5 people and severely injured 18 others at a club in Colorado Springs. This is the latest incident in a series of transgender hate crimes sweeping across the nation, which makes me realize how much most people disregard the value of a transgender human life; the World Wildlife Fund enjoys a much higher level of empathy. And I stop and ponder, “Why?”, why are the efforts to dehumanize transgenders succeeding?

There are no trans-agendas, or multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical deals. No one is indoctrinating, hurting, or mutilating children. There are no “grooming rings” or kids urinating in litter boxes. There’s no psychiatric delusion, paraphilia or desire to destroy society.

Why do they hate us so much? We are just people. Why not just let us live in peace? Wouldn’t it be simpler? We aren’t hurting anyone, and as draconian as they are, we're abiding by the law. If we could move somewhere that's more accepting, we would have... long ago. Unfortunately, moving isn't always possible. So, why can't we live here?

My intent is not to change hearts but to reach those who believe people like me should not exist. I don't need your tolerance. Your tolerance was the gateway to this hate; a hate that now is seeking to hurt, to damage, to kill; just like the hate witnessed Saturday, Nov 19, 2022, at ClubQ in Colorado Springs.

I am very emotional right now, enraged, saddened, scared, utterly afraid. These lines are coming directly from my heart, but now I can barely see my thoughts through my tears, and I have to stop.

Maura Ardden, a member of the Jacksonville chapter for the National Organization for Women.

Who is Maura?

Maura Ardden is systems analyst and human rights activist. She has five children, and lives in Florida. Maura's opinions and perspectives are based on her independent research of social systems and her own experiences as a daughter, sister, and parent.


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