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NOW centers on Constitutional and Economic Equality, Racial Justice, LGBTQ Rights, Reproductive Rights and Preventing Violence against Women. 

It's time to let Your Legislators know where you stand!

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As of Nov 10, 2021 Florida had 3.3 million COVID cases with 60,418 deaths. In 2020, Gov DeSantis maintained executive rule in a state of emergency and never asked for a special legislative session. In early November of 2021 he called for a special session scheduled for THIS WEEK (Nov. 15-19).
It was not called to discuss Florida’s high rates of COVID infection & death, the housing & homeless crisis, or the complete failure of the unemployment system.
He called a Special Session to contradict federal law and mainstream science by pushing bills that ban vaccines, work safety measures, and masks. His proposed legislation will fine businesses for vaccine mandates in a time when people are desperate for job security.
Join the Florida Council of Churches as they oppose this manipulative move and speak up about what "religious exemption" really means in a democracy.
SEND AN EMAIL to Florida leadership, tell them to block this harmful legislation & protect all people in Florida. TAKE ACTION TODAY AND SHARE!
Florida's Most Marginalized and Vulnerable NEED YOU!

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We are an intersectional grassroots activist organization working to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination and achieve equal rights for all women and girls.