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Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are the legal right to contraception, abortion, fertility treatment, reproductive health, and access to information about one's body. Reproductive rights are important because they ensure you are protected by law to make your own decisions about birth control, pregnancy, and having children. They ensure you can obtain a full-range of reproductive health care. Reproductive rights include safe and legal access to abortion, as well as access to: 

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  • Family planning

  • Birth control, including emergency contraception

  • Assisted reproduction

  • Sterilization, or permanent birth control. This includes:

    • Women: Tubal ligation -- closing your fallopian tubes, which prevents eggs from meeting with sperm

    • Men: Vasectomy -- closing the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis

  • Birth control, sex education, or abortion, including abortions for minors without a parent’s or guardian’s consent.

Reproductive rights -- particularly access to safe and legal abortion -- are under attack. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis and the GOP-controlled legislature have passed laws that, if upheld by the courts, will effectively make abortion illegal. 

Jacksonville NOW is working hard to protect access to abortion care by passing an amendment to the Florida Constitution.  Get involved by signing the petition, and voting!

Need Help?

Need help?
Birth Control

Learn about birth control options, health centers offering reproductive health care, abortion care, and relationship advice. The site includes an inactive method explorer to help you find birth control that fits your body and life.

Emergency Contraception (Plan B)

Emergency contraception (the morning after pill, Plan B) can help keep you from getting pregnant if you had sex without using birth control or if your birth control method did not work. It must be taken within 5 days after having sex.

You can buy levonorgestrel morning-after pills (like Plan B One-Step, Take Action, My Way, Option 2, Preventeza, AfterPill, My Choice, Aftera, and EContra) over the counter without a prescription at drugstores like CVS or Walgreen's and other pharmacies. Find these pills on the shelf with other contraceptives.

Medication Abortion (Plan C)

Medication abortion (Plan C) is a non-surgical way to end a pregnancy. Pills can be used up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. Medication abortions account for half of all terminations in the U.S.  You can get abortion pills at local clinics, like Planned Parenthood, or order online.


Abortion is still legal in Florida up to 15 weeks of pregnancy. There are clinics offering pregnancy terminations around the state, as well as groups who can help you find and pay for abortion care.

Beware of Fake Clinics

Crisis pregnancy centers (also called CPCs or "fake clinics") are clinics or mobile vans that look like real health centers, but they're run by anti-abortion activists. They provide misinformation and use scare tactics. The Florida legislature provided significant funding to expand CPCs statewide. Beware of fake clinics when seeking abortion care.

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