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Would you like to volunteer to drive voters who need a ride to and from the polls? If so, please click the link below for a training opportunity (follow their get involved tab to their volunteer page)

Our Sisters, Daughters and Friends are being harassed by anti-abortion protestors who attempt to shame or dissuade them from going through with their procedure. Patient escorts contribute to creating welcoming, supportive environments for patients, and play an essential role in de-stigmatizing abortion — a normal part of health care. Click on the image for more info. 

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We ask folks to complete our online Volunteer Escort Application.  


Thank you for your support!

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If you are interested in the PAP program, please fill out this Google form

 Quigley House is Clay County’s only certified domestic violence and sexual assault center. Quigley House could use a hand with many additional items like women’s sanitary products, OTC medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen for kids and adults, toiletries and other paper products. Check out their wishlist:

 Helping Survivors' mission is to assist anyone who has been victimized by sexual assault or abuse.

Here's what they say:
Our website is a compilation of information around different instances of sexual violence. We offer resources to assist survivors and their families, and we will continuously be adding more. We recently made a guide specific to domestic violence and sexual abuse. It has tons of great info, including how to help someone who has experienced this type of abuse and warning signs to be aware of:

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