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With YOUR help, we can put abortion rights in
Florida's Constitution.
Please download, print, complete, and mail
the ballot initiative petition:

Hubs are locations where you can pick up blank petitions and drop off completed petitions.

More about Floridians Protecting Freedom including Hub locations:

We need about a million signatures to get the Constitutional Amendment on Florida's 2024 ballot, then we'll need over 60% of the voters to vote YES! People from all walks of life and from all political parties believe that the government should not obstruct a person's ability to make their own reproductive choices and should not obstruct a person's ability to get medical care.

Our movement has launched FLORIDIANS PROTECTING FREEDOM (FPF): a statewide ballot initiative campaign to amend the Florida Constitution to explicitly guarantee the right to abortion. Our goal is to get this proposed amendment on the November 2024 ballot; based on surveys we feel sure the majority of Floridians will vote to support such a measure. If successful, this campaign will ensure that reproductive medical decisions belong to the individual and not politicians. To get on the ballot, 891,589 verified FPF petition forms will need to be completed by registered Florida voters and the ballots must be from all parts of Florida.

People from all walks of life and from all political parties believe that the government should not interfere with a person's ability to get an abortion even if they personally would only choose to have an abortion if their life was in danger. Please see our Reproductive Rights page which has a video clip about the health reasons people, who might not ordinarily choose an abortion, did choose it to save their own life or because there was a fatal fetal abnormality.

DeSantis just signed the most extreme abortion ban in the nation. Signing your name to the petition means you think the people of Florida should get the opportunity to void that bill. We believe a decision about an abortion should be made by the person who is pregnant not politicians. People should be free to seek the advice of qualified medical personnel to make the best medical decision for themselves.

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