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2024 Endorsements

Jax NOW distributes questionnaires to all state and local candidates during each election cycle.  The questionnaires gather information about each candidate and their positions on the NOW core issue areas: Reproductive Rights & Justice, Racial Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, Economic Justice, and Constitutional Equality.

Jax NOW makes its endorsements after carefully reviewing questionnaire responses and following up, as needed, with candidates. Where races include incumbents, Jax NOW also reviews the candidates' voting record on legislation.

Contributions are made by the Jax NOW PAC to endorsed candidates.

Jax NOW proudly endorses these candidates for the FL Legislature

Jax NOW proudly endorses these candidates for the Duval County
School Board

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NOW PAC School Board Endorsements_edited.jpg

Jax NOW Strongly Endorses
Amendment 4

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Jax NOW Urges You to Vote NO on Merit Retention of FL Supreme Court Justices


Women in Florida, and around the U.S., continue to lose basic rights as extremist politicians and judges choose oppression and persecution over women's health and the will of citizens.


Three extremist Florida Supreme Court justices appointed by Gov. DeSantis tried to block Amendment 4 from being on the ballot this November, despite more than one million voters across all political affiliations and from every corner of Florida signing petitions to let Floridians vote on abortion access. Two of those supreme court justices, Renatha Francis and Meredith Sasso, will be on your ballot this November. Hold these extremist DeSantis appointees accountable by voting NO on their merit retention. 


Voting no on retaining these radical justices will let the politicians in Tallahassee know that we are paying attention and it will send a strong message that Floridians won't stand for their rights to abortion, birth control, and IVF being denied due to the extremist 'fetal personhood' ideology embraced by the DeSantis appointees on the Florida Supreme Court.

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