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Your Voice and Your Vote are Powerful Tools!
Take a few minutes to read what is going on and take appropriate action to make a difference!

           The 2022 Florida Legislative Session Is Off And Running!
They will be pushing dozens of bills into laws that will affect your life for years to come. Many of those bills DO NOT reflect the values and needs of women, our families and our friends. Click for an overview of what's important for us this session.
  The next three months will be a frenzy of information on the progress of those bills as they move from committees then between the Florida House and Senate for voting then finally to the Governor's desk. Click here to see how it works in Florida.
Jax NOW will do our best to keep you informed via this website and through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we will be frequently posting. Please Follow us, Share and Retweet!
We will also be sending you emails to let you know what's going and how you can lend your voice to an issue by contacting your legislators or signing important petitions. Click to get on our mail list
Another suggestion is to sign up with the UUJF - Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida. Unitarian Universalists have a long tradition of working for social justice. UU Justice has similar values to our organization. They have created a marvelous alert system.  If you sign up, you'll only get alerts for you to write your particular state representative or in some cases a committee chair or the committee members.  Many times the bill shows up on a committee's agenda just a few days before the committee meeting so UU Justice's timely alerts are hard for us to duplicate. We encourage everyone to sign up for their alerts.

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