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2024 Citizen Ballot Initiatives

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Information about all the citizen ballot initiative petitions:

List of 2024 citizen ballot initatives that My Florida as of 5/28/2023 is showing as active BUT they aren't all active:

Links to all petition forms found here:

If you haven't signed 23-07, please sign it. You can download the petition at this link:

or this link:

More information about 23-07:

You can also print the 23-07 petition at this link:


These two were NOT citizen initiatives BUT are being placed on our ballot by the Republican majority legislature:

  1. Makes school board elections partisan rather than nonpartisan

The proposal (HJR 31) will go on the 2024 ballot and, if approved by voters, would do away with a requirement that school board candidates run without party labels.

“I’m not in favor of going down a road to start politicizing school board races. And if we’re all honest, we know what happens when we politicize things. We begin to make decisions based on party, instead of focusing on people,”

2. Provide a state constitutional right to hunt and fish

Some question the need for a constitutional amendment and pointed to repeated efforts in recent years by Republicans to limit changes to the Constitution. She called hunting and fishing “absolutely sacrosanct” in Florida and said the hunting and fishing industry isn’t in jeopardy in Florida or other states. The proposal would not limit the ability of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to set rules for fishing and hunting.

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