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Jax-NOW core issues

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

We are a FEMINIST organization. Our priorities are aligned with state and national NOW. They are:

  • Reproductive rights and justice: This means accessible reproductive health care for all women and LGBTQIA+ people. We fully support safe and legal abortion, affordable and effective birth control and other contraception, medication abortion, telemedicine for reproductive care, and reproductive health education for all. We fiercely oppose attempts to restrict reproductive freedom through underhanded legislation and regulations. To this end, we participate in pro-choice rallies and several of our members serve as escorts at a local abortion providers' office.

  • LGBTQIA rights: We are committed to fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in all areas, including employment, housing, public accommodations, health services, child custody, and military policies. Jax NOW is committed to educational efforts that combat the adverse effects of homophobia, promote positive images in the media, and ultimately ensure civil rights protection for all. We fight for the right of LGBTQIA individuals to live their lives with dignity and security, and marriage equality for all. The state of Florida has kept us busy in 2022 fighting for these rights too. We participated in & spoke at several rallies for these rights this year, as recently as Tuesday December 6th school board meeting!

  • Racial Justice: As one of our core issues, Jax NOW is committed to ending racism and discrimination. Through our work, we are constantly identifying and combating the barriers to equality and justice imposed by structural racism, particularly those that inflict a double burden of race and sex discrimination on BIPOC women and girls, including trans women and girls. Racial justice is a feminist issue and that to achieve equality, our activism must be anti-racist.

Jax NOW activists have taken to the streets to demand that the police, the government, the media and our society finally recognize that BLACK LIVES MATTER. We know that for too long, Black women and girls (including transwomen) have been made to feel devalued, silenced, and held to different standards. On December 13th, Jax-NOW members stood with our allies Northside Coalition, BAM, and other groups to DEMAND that the racist confederate monuments in Jacksonville are ALL TAKEN DOWN. Thanks to Ben Frazier and others for this event and some inspiring speakers!!

  • Economic Justice Jax-NOW advocates for a wide range of economic justice issues, all of which limit women’s freedom and success. These include welfare reform, livable wages, paid sick leave, job discrimination, pay equity, financial literacy, and more. We know that these issues impact women of color at much higher rates and that economic justice is intertwined with racial justice, reproductive freedom, and our other core issues.

  • End Violence Against Women Violence against women manifests in many ways – domestic violence; sexual assault and harassment; abortion clinic violence; hate crimes motivated by gender, sexual orientation and race – and is perpetuated through the gender bias in our judicial system and systems of economic oppression. Our work to end violence against women seeks to address these structural problems in our nation and also challenge society’s attitudes toward women, both of which limit women’s freedom and agency. For any victims and survivors who need support, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is there for you, 24/7. Call 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-799-7233 for TTY, or if you’re unable to speak safely, you can log onto or text LOVEIS to 22522. In addition, the National Sexual Assault Hotline, 1-800-656-4673,

  • Constitutional Equality Jax-NOW is a proud supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment and prioritizes Constitutional equality in our work. The ERA is a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would provide a fundamental legal remedy against sex discrimination for both women and men. It would guarantee that the rights affirmed by the U.S. Constitution are held equally by all without regard to their sex. As of December 2022, 38 states have ratified the ERA. Some scholars assert that the artificial deadline should be ignored and the ERA should be added to our Constitution as the 28th amendment. Excerpt:

In a press conference, Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) responded to the newly issued OLC memo by saying that the ERA has already been ratified and should be recognized as the 28th Amendment—and that the archivist should do his ministerial duty to certify and publish the ERA. Action by Congress could clarify this, but is not necessary for publication of ERA.

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