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Send a clear message that human trafficking/slavery is not OK!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

This is from the city of Jacksonville website:

Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that occurs in every state, including Florida. Human Trafficking exploits individuals through forced work in prostitution, sexual entertainment, domestic servitude, restaurants, factories, sweatshops, and agriculture works. Various techniques are used to instill fear in victims to keep them enslaved and isolated. In June 2015, the Florida legislature enacted a new statute (Section 787.29 Florida Statute) that requires businesses and locations throughout Florida to display public awareness signage which informs the public about human trafficking and resource assistance.

Do you wonder why legislators started calling it human trafficking instead of slavery? Was the word slavery not graphic enough? Does the phrase human trafficking give one a greater visceral reaction than the term slavery?


Excerpt from this link: Is there a difference between human trafficking and slavery?

As a practical matter, human trafficking is when someone is moved from one place to another for the purpose of enslavement; slavery is the exploitation that happens when they arrive. As a legal matter, however, in many places the term trafficking means enslavement—no movement away from home is required for an anti-trafficking law to apply. About 23 percent of people in slavery are being exploited outside their home country, most people around the world are enslaved right in their home communities.


It's time. Send a clear message that human trafficking and slavery are NOT OK. Take down the monuments that honor people that fought to keep slavery legal.


Jacksonville city ordinance 2022-232

A resolution stating the will of the Council to remove statuary and monuments glorifying the Confederacy from public property and public park spaces and requesting the Mayor, the City Administration, and the City Council to produce and present a revised plan and timeline for such removal

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