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Please see the HOME page for the link to download the petition to get abortion rights on the ballot.

It may take five days to be an officially registered Florida voter after completing the on-line application. See the FAQ page for details.

You can use an online voter registration application to update your information, and it will add the signature from your driver license or Florida ID card to your voter record. 

If you live on campus, you may use either the street address or the name of your dormitory or residence hall as the address where you live. You can also use your campus mail center address as your residence if you live on campus. You can use your campus mailbox or another address as your mailing address.  That's from this LINK.


For more information if you live on the UNF campus:

Click on the image
or use the QR code to be taken to
The Florida Rights Resoration Coalition (FRRC) website to get answers to your questions about getting your voting rights restored if you had a felony conviction. 

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Early voting dates and times in Florida vary by county.

Secure ballot intake stations (drop boxes) are available inside each of the early voting locations.

This is from the Duval county supervisor of elections office:

Find your voter status:

Voting is the cornerstone right of our democracy. You can only have your voice and your needs reflected in government if you vote.

✓ Pre-registration is an important tool that allows people younger than 18 to vote as soon as they are eligible.

✓ Florida has pre-registration to vote starting at age 16.

✓ To pre-register, those age 16-17 should fill out the standard FL voter registration form which is online, or print and mail-in the form (in English or Spanish)

Florida law does allow those younger than 18 who are pre-registered to vote to serve as poll workers. Speak to your county Supervisor of Elections for details.

This information was copied from this LINK.

Answers to questions about mail-in ballots including how to ask for one:

Remember that mail-in ballots need to be
  1.  Mailed at least a week before the deadline BUT only one per envelope or

  2.  You or a family member (please see note below regarding family members) can put the mail-in ballot in a drop box at an early voting site during early voting hours or

  3.  If you wait until the last two days, you or a family member (see note below regarding family members) can only return the mail-in ballot to the Supervisor of Elections office on the Monday before or the Tuesday of the last day to vote. This may vary in counties that have the resources to have staff watching another drop box location

Please call the SOE office to make sure that it's OK if a family member drops off your ballot because the law is confusing.

You can vote in person even if you requested a mail-in ballot. 

If you received a mail-in ballot, we do suggest you bring your mail-in ballot with you.

If you do the below suggestion, be careful because no telling how DeSantis will interpret willfully.

IF your mail-in ballot isn't recorded by election day, you can vote at your polling precinct. If they do receive both, the second vote is automatically rejected according to Mike Hogan, supervisor of elections in Duval County. 

Excerpt from Florida statute 104.17:

Any person who willfully votes or attempts to vote both in person and by vote-by-mail ballot at any election is guilty of a felony of the third degree

Link to check if your mail-in ballot has been recorded:

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