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Jacksonville NOW

Political Committee

Why a PAC?
In August 2020 Jacksonville NOW established a Political Committee in order to donate funds to progressive candidates competing in
Local and State elections. This enabled us to give crucial financial support to our endorsed candidates.

How do we choose candidates?
The Jax NOW PAC contacts all candidates in a given race and asks them to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. We then review all responses to determine which candidate's responses are consistent with NOW’s priority issues.
The amount of the donation is governed by state regulations (sorry, we cannot donate to federal elections) and the size of our treasury. 
Donations are critical!

We need to elect legislators who represent our thinking, our priorities, and our needs! 
But that takes $$$ to fund their campaigns. Your donations will help to ensure progressive candidates are successful.  You can mail your check to

Jax-NOW PAC treasurer

PO Box 1762

Jacksonville, Fl 32203

Please include your address, phone number and occupation.

Also, if you would like to serve on our PAC candidate selection committee, please contact us at
We can now take your donation online via Paypal! Just complete this secure form>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Donate Online

Your personal information will NEVER be sold or shared, however, state reporting regulations require the following information

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