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Abortions in Fl-Ask the Experts

Abortion in FL: Ask the Experts

Abortion in FL: Ask the Experts

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A panel of medical experts and advocates provided information on the abortion landscape in Florida during a special webinar on August 30, 2022 co-hosted by JaxNOW. Panelists debunked misinformation and inaccurate data used to rationalize recent state restrictions on the medical procedure. Panelists stressed that abortion is still legal in Florida and continued access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare will depend on the outcome of state elections in November.  Watch the video of the forum by clicking on the box. Download the slides with trusted resources here.

Charter schools and capital outlay funding

Our monthly meeting in September 2022 included a presentation by our education chair about capital outlay funding and charter schools. Here's a Youtube video of the presentation:

Amy W event.jpg

She talks about the fake clinics starting around the 26 minute mark.

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IF you register people in Florida, listen especially around the 47 minute mark. Voting Rights Warrior Desmond Meade has a lot of good advice, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

 Nell & Kim - WSOS 103 9 on 10-26-22 discussing the November 2022 election

SJC Dems - Nell & Kim - WSOS 103 9 on 10-26-22