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Bills that would have harmed women's access to health care but luckily failed in 2022

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

HB 747/SB 1820--one of the bad bills in 2022 that luckily failed

Protections of Medical Conscience

by Representative Snyder and Senator Baxley

CoSponsors: Rep. Altman

Summary from Equality Florida: This legislation would allow healthcare providers and insurers to refuse to provide or pay for care that conflicts with their beliefs, even if the care is critically important and in the best interest of the patient. This bill would allow any health care provider – hospitals, insurance, clinical or non-clinical staff, even medical students – to deny any service based on their “religion, morals, or ethics.” Insurance companies and health plans could refuse to reimburse, pay, or contract for services. Religious health care providers or insurers could discriminate against anyone in employment, contracting, or credentialing based on their religious beliefs. The bill gives those claiming “medical conscience” to deny services full immunity from liability for any negative consequences of their denial.

STATUS: Passed favorably through House Professions and Public Health but did not receive

additional committee hearings and ultimately failed to see pass.

HB 211 --one of the bad bills in 2022 that luckily failed

Trans Youth Medical Care Ban

by Rep. Sabatini

This legislation is an extreme attempt to harm transgender youth by charging health care practitioners with a misdemeanor offense for providing gender affirming care to a minor. This is a part of a nationally coordinated attempt to criminalize transgender youth and their families.

STATUS: Did not see legislative action.

Luckily HB 265/SB 404 also failed.

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