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The voucher expansion bill and the budget

Florida lawmakers are required to do one thing each year: pass a budget. And as the 2023 legislative session enters its final two weeks, House and Senate members are expected to start meeting in conference committees to nail down details of the budget for the fiscal year that will start July 1. The final budget likely will be a whopper. The House has proposed a $113 billion plan, while the Senate’s version tipped the scales at $113.7 billion — either of which would be a record..The spending plan needs to be finished May 2 if the session is going to end as scheduled May 5. That is because of a required 72-hour “cooling-off period” before lawmakers can vote on the budget.

That's from this link:

Please read about the voucher expansion bill on this blog post:

The short version: The budget needs to state in clear terms how much of the budget will be spent on subsidizing private school tuition and homeschooling. The Senate suggested 2.2 Billion. The budget needs to guarantee that the per student funding for our neighborhood and magnet schools will not be reduced from this 22-23 budget year. Florida has one of the lowest per student funding in the country. We need to increase funding for our neighborhood schools not decrease it. Please make sure the voucher expansion bill does NOT hurt the funding of our neighborhood schools. Florida's Constitution calls for funding free high quality public schools.

This action alert makes it easy to write your legislators about this issue:

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