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Bills that would have helped women's access to health care but unfortunately failed in 2022

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

HB 709/SB 1036

Reproductive Health Care Rights

by Representative Diamond and Senator Berman

CoSponsors: Arrington, Eskamani, Rayner, Thompson

This legislation would create the “Reproductive Health Care Protection Act” in Florida Statute.

It would codify that reproductive health care is a fundamental right and ensure that each

person in the state of Florida is protected from government entities discriminating against,

denying, or unduly burdening a person’s right to reproductive health care, including the right

to have an abortion. It would also provide a civil cause of action if your reproductive rights

were violated based on Article I Section 23 of Florida’s constitution, which grants a greater

right to privacy than the federal constitution.

STATUS: Did not see legislative action.

SB 1642

by Senator Farmer

This legislation would remove medically unnecessary requirements currently in statute.

STATUS: Did not see legislative action.

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