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2022 legislation pertaining to K-12 public schools that we supported or opposed

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

We supported: SB 532 Stewart HB 429 Goff-Marcil:

It would have increased oversight for the vouchers to private schools. It failed to pass.

HB 51 Thompson:

It would have required instruction on the history of the Holocaust and African Americans in charter and voucher funded private schools just like it's required of the other publicly funded schools. It failed to pass.

We opposed:

SJR 244 Gruters HJR 35 Roach

It would have made school board elections partisan. It failed to pass.

SB 622 Diaz HB 609 Borrero (CS/SB 758 Diaz & HB 865 Rizzo):

SB 758 passed and created a state wide authorizer for charter schools eliminating any pretense that the locally elected school board has any power to choose what types of charter schools are built in the school district. F.S. 1013.62(5) was not strengthened so there is no assurance that assets purchased with taxpayers dollars will stay within the school district if the charter school should close. It passed.

SB 1834 Baxley HB 1557

This is the bill that has been dubbed the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Lawsuits have been filed that it is unconstitutional. It passed.

SB 148 Diaz HB 7 Avila:

This is the bill that DeSantis called the Stop Woke Act. Lawsuits have been filed that it is unconstitutional. It passed.

SB 1300 Gruters HB 1467 Garrison:

This bill creates onerous record keeping burdens for the neighborhood and magnet schools but the rules don't apply to charter or voucher funded private schools. It's about library and course curricula. It passed.

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