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Debate on abortion on 4/13/2023 on the House floor

Here's the link to the debate on the House floor about the bill that will make abortions illegal in Florida:

9:15 am (Minute 12 in video) The $30 million was never heard in the Appropriation Committee

9:21 Rayner-Goolsby asks based on science, why abortions for people who are suffering are being banned

9:23 Rayner-Goolsby asks if the sponsor believes that life begins at conception and if that belief is based on religion. The sponsor answers that the bill doesn't state when life begins.

9:24 Rayner-Goolsby asks about the life of the mother

9:25 Nixon asks if the sponsor is concerned about the effect the bill will have on poor women. The bill sponsor answers no.

9:29 Speaker said coughing is prohibited

9:31 Nixon says the leading cause of death for children is gun violence per the CDC

9:33 Valdez asks about the alleged clinics receiving the $25 million. Sponsor says the clinics are prohibited from proselytizing religious beliefs. Valdez follows up asking if they are prohibited from shaming women. Sponsor doesn't answer.

9:37 Bartlemen asks about the term "imminent." Sponsor answers that the abortion is allowed to save the woman's life. She encourages families to sue if the woman is denied an abortion and consequently dies. Bartlement continues to press for a definition of imminent. Sponsor seems to say that any risk to life or body parts would allow the person to get an abortion. [keep this in mind when they discuss mental health harm] 9:42 Bartlemen asks about "other documentation" to prove rape. Would a sworn statement be satisfactory. The sponsor says the doctors can be sued if they don't accept the "other documentation" and as a result refuse to perform an abortion

9:45 Gantt asks about the alleged clinics. She asks if the clinics are required to tell the clients that the clinic has no licensed medical professionals if that's the case. The sponsor never answers.

9:57 Cross asks about enforcement concerning abortion pills. She asks why telehealth can't be used.

10:01 Hinson asks about line 69 --Sponsor says no "person" will be penalized under that section. Hinson then asks what is the interest of the state to prevent women from getting abortions.

10:07 Cassell asks the sponsor about the words she used concerning termination of human life. She asks if there is an exemption for people who have a religious belief that life begins at quickening or first breath. The sponsor doesn't answer the question.

10:09 Campbell asks what impact the bill will have on poor people. He follows up to ask about travel costs to obtain an abortion out of state. He follows up to ask about paid maternal leave.

10:13 Driskell follows up with the definition of "other documentation." How close to death does a woman need to be to get an abortion?

10: ? Harris asks about sex-ed. Harris then asks about women in abusive relationships who get pregnant. Sponsor says both are outside the scope of the bill.

10:19 Sponsor said she doesn't think abortion is care

10:20 Gantt asks about the funds going to the alleged clinics. She asks if the money can be spent on billboards. Sponsor says yes.

10:? No exceptions for military personnel for the 24 hour waiting period.

10:23 debate ends amendments begins

800541 renames bill Forced Pregnancy --Please listen to Eskamani

561809 Helps the guard make private health care decisions

467821 Annual audit of the alleged clinics getting the $25 million so Floridians know where their tax money is going

347967 Requires oversight of the alleged clinics getting the $25 million

225255 Asking that the $25 million not be spent on billboards that litter our highways

011527 inform the client that the alleged clinics have no medical personnel

10:37 Speaker says audience can watch the proceedings in another room if they want to talk

013275 Would insure the clinics receiving the $25 million are staffed by medical personnel

620479 Makes sure the alleged clinics don't use religious or coercive methods to shame clients

If anyone wants to send notes of the rest of the meeting, I'll post them here.

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