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Guns in schools

Please complete this survey and tell them you don’t want teachers or other staff carrying guns into the schools:

Please choose option #3 in the list they offer:


More information about this issue

Armed adults frequently mishandle their guns in schools. Keeping kids safe means keeping guns off K-12 campuses.

Excerpt from this article:

Manny Diaz, the state commissioner of education, was encouraging school boards to adopt the program when he spoke at the latest conference of the Florida School Board Association, but the rationale so far has been driven more by feel-good speculation than evidence that such programs make a difference.

Currently the only people who can carry guns into the Duval district-run schools are on-duty police officers or school guardians whose only job is to defend the school against someone with a gun. They can't even direct traffic. They must stay alert and not distracted.

The above slide is for the Duval district-run schools.

Some charter schools allow teachers to carry guns into the school. If your child goes to a charter school, do you know the charter school's policy? Charter schools are NOT run by our elected school board. Each charter school has their own board.

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