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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The school board met on September 12th. The supplemental sex-ed material was on the consent agenda until late into the afternoon. The superintendent pulled the item off the agenda before the meeting with this announcement:

The district will assemble health educators to develop new materials and lessons. Their recommended materials and lessons will be available to the public 20 days prior to a future school board meeting in which a public hearing will be scheduled. Members of the public will be able to share their comments during that public hearing, and the school board will have the opportunity to approve the new materials at that time. No specific deadline has been set, but the district will be working to ensure students in current academic year health classes receive legally required instruction.

What is the cost difference between developing this new sex-ed material in-house and buying the already proposed material? Why didn’t anyone ask about the cost in the meeting? Can and will a board member propose an agenda item to vote on buying the supplemental material vs developing new material in-house?

Here's a short clip of one expert who spoke in favor of the material that was originally on the agenda:

Lots of experts spoke out in support of sex ed. You can hear the meeting here. The people who spoke during the public comment period in opposition to the sex-ed classes seemed to have an agenda beyond the sex-ed class.


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