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The amendments on Florida's November 2022 ballot

The LWV-Florida recommends a NO to abolishing the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) . They say the solution to the problems IM-Mandarin lists in their slate card is to make the CRC follow the same rules as the citizen petitions: one issue per amendment. LWV-Florida: IM-Mandarin: Slate Card
This link gives a history of the Constitutional Revision Commission that meets every 20 years. Here's a few excerpts:


In 1978, the CRC referred eight constitutional amendments to the ballot, and voters rejected all of them.



Here's the seven amendments the CRC proposed in 2018. They all passed. Whether you think the CRC should be abolished or not, we hope you agree that the legislators need to pass a law saying the CRC must follow the same rules as citizen petitions: there should be only one issue per amendment.

Amendment 6's big item was Marsy's law and it passed by 62%

  • add specific rights of crime victims, together known as a Marsy's Law, to the Florida Constitution;

  • increase the judicial retirement age from 70 to 75 years of age; and

  • prohibit state courts from deferring to an administrative agency’s interpretation of a state statute or rule in lawsuits.

Amendments 7 -- the Supreme Court overturned a lower court's ruling and ordered amendment 7 to remain on the ballot. Should we vote those Supreme Court members out? We do need a law that says the CRC is not allowed to bundle issues like this.

Amendment 9-ban off shore drilling--passed by 69%

Amendment 10--passed by 63%

Amendment 11--This is another one that should NOT have been bundled. The Supreme Court overturned a lower court's ruling and ordered Amendments 11 to remain on the ballot.

Amendment 12--Lobbying Restrictions Amendment passed by 79%

Florida Amendment 13, Ban on Wagering on Dog Races Amendment passed by 69%

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