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What's the difference between the three different kinds of publicly funded schools in Florida?

Updated: Jan 15

Please send this to your state representative:

Please propose a bill that will do the following in order to protect the revenue generated from voter approved local sales surtax and increased property taxes for capital outlay funds:
Change the rules for capital outlay funding going to charter schools in order to keep assets purchased with tax dollars within the public school system:
Change f.s. 1013.62 (4) so that Capital Outlay Funding must only go to schools housed in buildings where the profits will go to the school district if the building is sold.·
Change f.s. 1013.62 (5) to make it clear that no distribution of capital outlay funding can be distributed to a charter school until the charter contract lays out in clear language how the assets will revert to the school district if the charter school should close or the building is sold.

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