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Please come to the school board meeting on October 10th.

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

We need you to come as early as 4:30 pm or as late as 6 pm to complete a blue card. If you don't plan to speak, please write one of these things on your blue card and check the block that you don't wish to speak: 1. I am opposed to teachers carrying guns into the schools 2. Please re-instate the sex-ed curriculum now. RSVP link for the Duval School Board Meeting on October 10th Everyone who signs up using this link will get a reminder email a week out. If you enter your mobile number, you'll also get a reminder text Thursday or Friday before the Monday October 10th meeting.

We must let the school board know that: All students deserve an age-appropriate and comprehensive health curriculum. Duval County Public Schools must focus on the needs of the vast majority of students and their families. Parents already have the ability to opt their own child out of any health lessons they wish. Here's more about it:

  • Our students need to be assured that all students are safe, affirmed, and free from harassment at school.

  • Lori Hershey mentioned in the agenda meeting that the school board might be revisiting the idea of arming teachers. Here's more about it: Dr. Greene removed the comprehensive health curriculum (that has to be re-approved by the school board annually) from the September 12th school board meeting agenda. In other words, students will not receive age-appropriate information, from certified teachers, that was written to protect their health and wellness. We must speak up. We must insist that the Superintendent reinstate the curriculum until they have a replacement. This pattern of removing material before a replacement is ready also occurred when the safe space stickers were removed before the all in stickers were ready. We must show up! We must speak up! If we don't, the school board will only hear from the minority of people who are opposed to a comprehensive health curriculum.

Together, we must protect Duval County faculty, staff, students, and their families. Duval County Public Schools should be making decisions that are best for the health and safety of students, not caving to political pressure from extremists.


Duval School Board Building

Cline Auditorium

1701 Prudential Dr

Jacksonville, FL 32207

-- Susan Education committee chair

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